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About us

Who We Are

American Warranty Service is an industry leader in OEM warranty administration and customer service for outdoor power equipment and power tools. Products that we support include generators, power washers, air compressors, stand alone engines, lawn equipment, air tools and welders, just to name a few.


With over 34 years of industry experience, AWS handles the entire warranty repair process, which includes taking the customer call, diagnosing and scheduling repairs with our qualified service center network, ordering and shipping replacement parts, and giving hands on technical assistance.


AWS is an American owned company headquartered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and is considered a full service company.


Why AWS?

By handling the entire warranty repair process, manufacturers can rest assured that the retail consumer is being taken care of should the need arise. This also allows manufacturers to concentrate on what they do best…make and sell more products.


We are different from most if not all warranty administration companies in that AWS has trained OPE technicians on staff who can help consumers diagnose and solve many issues without having to take that product to a service center. This lowers the returned goods ratio and saves many customer sales. AWS also stocks  the repair parts necessary for ALL products covered. This means faster turnaround for consumers and service centers alike. The quicker you get that customer repaired, the more likely you are to have a happy customer.

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