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Water Pump Parts

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11115-A0810-0001 Plug

Plug for the LF160F-AHQ LF168F-2BHQ-CA LF168F-2BHQ LF168F-2BRQ LF170F-BHQ LF170F-BRQ LF177F-BDQ LF-177F-BQ LF177F-BDQ LF177F-BHQ LF177F-BRQ LF177F-BRQ LF188F-BDQ LF188F-BDQC LF188F-BDQ-CA LF188F-BDQC-CA LF188F-BQ LF188F-BRQ LF188F-BRQ LF188F-BRQ-CA LF188F-BRQ-CA LF190F-BDQC LF190F-BDQ-CA LF190F-BDQC-CA LF190F-BQ LF190F-BQ-CA LF190F-BRQ LF190F-BRQ LF190F-BRQ-CA LF190F-BRQ-CA LF190F-BDQ ES5700 ES5700E ES6500-CSA ES6500E-CSA ES8000E-CSA ES8100E-CA ES5500E ES6750 ES6750E ES8250 ES8250E HQ5500E HQ8000E LF7000 LF7250 LF7250iPL LF8500iePL LF8750ie LF8750iePL LF8750iePL-RV LF7250-CA LF7250(1) LF-7250iPL LF-7250iPL-CA LF-8750iE LF-8750iE-CA LF-8750iEPL LF-8750iEPL-CA LF-8750iEPL-RV LF-8750iEPL-RV-CA AXQ1-200D-CA LF3TWP ST3TWP ST4TWP ST4WP LFQ3690Elite LFQ3690 LFQ3690-CAElite LFQ3690-CA LFQ4515Elite LFQ4515 LFQ4515-CAElite LFQ4515-CA LFQ4515E Elite LFQ4515E LFQ4515E-CA Elite LFQ4515E-CA LF8500ie LF4WP Models

16510-D3710-0001 10L Fuel tank assembly STANLEY

Fuel Tank for the ST2CCWP ST2HPWP ST2STWP ST2WP ST3WP Water Pumps

16510-DBY10-0002 Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank 15L for the ST3WP

16560-D3710-0001 Fuel Level Gauge

Fuel Level Gauge for the Stanley ST2CCWP ST2HPWP ST2STWP ST2WP Water Pumps

16640-D3710-0001 Petcock

Fuel Petcock for the Stanley ST2CCWP ST2HPWP ST2STWP ST2WP Gasoline Water Pumps

17100-A1211-0002 Air Cleaner Assembly

Air Cleaner Assembly for Lifan 190F Gasoline Engines and Pressure Washers and Stanley Pumps with 190F Gasoline Engines

17114-A1310-0001 Air Cleaner assembly VTwin

Air Cleaner Assembly for 2V77F-VTwin

18000-A0710-0061 Muffler

Muffler for the ST2WP Pump

19211-A0725-0038 Engine Fan Cover

Engine Fan Cover
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